Ling Long GreenMaxx

Linglong tyres have been described as the “dark horse” of tyre testing after finishing fourth in a study conducted by Finnish firm Test World Oy. The firm’s tyres reportedly left the experience test drivers of with a good impression “especially in aspects of driving behaviour on wet roads.” According to a news item on Linglong’s website, Test World’s 2011 Summer tyre test examined more than 12 brands including tyres from Goodyear, Continental and Bridgestone. Linglong entered its Green-Max product into the test.

Test World’s results reportedly showed that Linglong was “calm to drive and offered a good lateral grip and easy controllability in handling and evasion test.” Overall Linglong got 7.6 total, ranking fourth out of all the tested brands after Continental, Goodyear and Pirelli. And this all led to the testers writing: "Linglong was a surprise, being clearly the best Chinese tyre ever in our tyre tests. Linglong beat a bunch of familiar more expensive brands."